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Apr 29 2021

Positive Reviews = Higher RMR for Alarm Companies

There is another new study that points to a direct correlation between customer reviews and revenues for the businesses who receive them. Conducted by a leading social analytics firm and the Paley Center for Media, this study measured exactly how much more people were willing to pay for products based on the reviews they had…

Apr 29 2021

Dealer Perspective…#32

Over the last few months, we have written about the growth prospects and necessity of rooftop solar especially here in California and the West.  Many pundits predict that the number of new solar homes will be approximately 30 million, with most of them in California.  The truth may be that the number might be larger…

Apr 29 2021

Taxes to Follow COVID

After a year of coping with COVID lockdowns and reduced revenues the potential increase in business and individual tax rates may be our next challenge.  President Biden has suggested raising federal rates on businesses and the wealthy to pay for his forthcoming infrastructure bill and programs to combat inequality and climate change. Under his proposed…

Apr 29 2021

Payroll Tax Pitfalls

Payroll taxes and withholding present a tempting source of working capital for a small business.  Payroll tax payments are easy to divert because there isn’t really an invoice (at first).  Payroll taxes and withholding are ‘voluntarily’ reported on IRS Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) and paid via direct deposit to the IRS.  The…

Apr 29 2021

How the Market is Bouncing Back from the Pandemic

Just over a year ago, businesses in this country and around the world had to shift into a very different mode of operating as shelter in place and work from home became the new reality.   Once we addressed keeping our employees and co-workers safe, the big questions on the minds of everyone in the…

Apr 22 2021

Chime in on the NSA Public-Private Sector Partnership Award

SIAC encourages security companies to chime in on the NSA (National Sheriffs Association) Public-Private Sector Partnership Award. It is an excellent opportunity to show your community how you are working with law enforcement. 

Apr 19 2021

Two Tips for Business Growth That Have Nothing to Do With Marketing

If you want to expand your established security business but aren’t sure where to start, try thinking like a startup. Although an alarm company that has been around for years is not a startup, it can still maximize growth with a startup attitude.

Apr 17 2021

Newsom’s Plans for Vaccinations & Reopening: EGRS Update

As you’ve read or heard, Governor Newsom announced plans last week to reopen the state by June 15. With vaccination rates picking up in recent weeks, California hit a milestone of vaccinating 20 million Californians. Four million of those vaccinations have occurred in the state’s disadvantaged communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.…

Apr 5 2021

Busy As A Bee: A Message from the Board President

Every spring with longer days, more sunshine, and daylight savings time we start to awaken after our winter slumber. This year is much more pronounced since we have compounded our proverbial slumber with Covid 19 isolation. Now that the vaccine distribution rate is growing exponentially and the rate of infection is dropping significantly, we are…

Mar 31 2021

Legislative Update – March 26th

Last year, Governor Newsom solemnly pronounced that after expecting record breaking surpluses in 2020, the state was facing a $54 billion deficit. That number was daunting, and comparable to the budget shortfalls experienced at the onset of the Great Recession. That massive deficit never materialized. The Governor and his Department of Finance (DOF) didn’t lie…

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