CAA Youth Scholarship Program

Every year, the CAA awards $20,000 in college scholarships to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel across California. Apply online today!

*Application deadline has been extended to May 10!

What is The CAA Youth Scholarship Program?

Every year, the CAA awards at least $20,000 in college scholarships to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel across California. Apply online today!

Dear Graduating Seniors and Parents,

Welcome to the CAA Youth Scholarship Program!

In 2021, the CAA Youth Scholarship Program will offer a total of $32,500 in funds to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel in the State of California who are graduating from high school and continuing their education at a four-year college or university. The members of the California Alarm Association (“CAA”) provide products and services that enhance life safety in every community in California. The CAA shares a common mission with public safety officials: to improve the safety and quality of life for every Californian.

The CAA offers 11 regional chapter scholarships (a minimum of $1,000 each) and one state scholarship ($4,000 plus the regional scholarship amount for a total of $5,000). The application of the state scholarship recipient is submitted to the national scholarship competition, which offers a first ($13,000) and second ($4,500) place scholarship. A very special thanks to our industry partner, ISC West, for supporting the CAA Scholarship Program along with our 11 regional chapters.

We applaud your perseverance and persistence as you pushed your way towards graduation despite this unprecedented pandemic. The disruption to your plans as your junior year ended and throughout your senior year can only be described as inexpressibly difficult, stressful, and inevitably disappointing at times. And with the raging pandemic, widespread social unrest, and devastating fires, no doubt life was much more daunting and demanding than ever before on you, your law enforcement or fire service parent, and your family. 

But you withstood the challenge of changed circumstances and are now moving on to the next phase of your academic career.

We are proud to stand with you on your journey and acknowledge your accomplishments by offering this Scholarship Program while at the same time recognizing and honoring the vital role that law enforcement and fire service personnel play in our community.

One of the unique aspects of the CAA Scholarship Program is the essay to be submitted by each of you discussing how your parent’s or guardian’s public service shaped your core values, influenced the choices you made, and helped you to develop the qualities that led to your success. The essay is scored on content, compliance with the essay requirements, grammar, and punctuation.

The Youth Scholarship Program rewards students who excel academically, are active in community service, and participate in extracurricular activities. Rest assured that the dedicated Scholarship Committee understands that you were unable to pursue many, if not all, of your planned activities, and that the Committee will factor in and weigh the overall effect of the shutdowns and other difficulties on your application. 

We thank you for your application and wish you the very best in your academic endeavors.



Mike J. Salk

CAA President


Lilianne G. Chaumont

CAA Youth Scholarship Chair