Dealer Perspective…#33

Solar Energy

The last few articles have attempted to show the growing interaction between the security industry and the solar rooftop opportunity.  Solar rooftop (with batteries) within a mini-grid environment would likely have eliminated much of the damage from the “Texas freeze” a few months ago.  Texas has its own interconnecting grid that covers the entire state.  All of the interconnecting switches, valves and other components required a winter upgrade, which did not happen.  When a portion of the system froze, the entire grid went down and the state went into a deep freeze.

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Dealer Perspective…#32

Over the last few months, we have written about the growth prospects and necessity of rooftop solar especially here in California and the West.  Many pundits predict that the number of new solar homes will be approximately 30 million, with most of them in California.  The truth may be that the number might be larger…

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