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Women In the Security Resolution

Feb 19 2024

California Alarm Association Launches Women in the Security Evolution (WISE)

The California Alarm Association (CAA) recently announced the launch of the Women in the Security Evolution (WISE), a committee that is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and promoting women across all disciplines within the security industry spectrum of professional roles.

Feb 14 2024

President’s Message – A New Era for the MIRROR

As we step further into this exciting year, I am thrilled to share with you the exciting developments and upcoming events that underscore our Association’s dedication to progress and advocacy in the security and life safety sector.
California Alarm Association Board Of Directors Meeting

Feb 14 2024

California Alarm Association Board of Directors Meeting – Governmental Affairs Committee Report

The Governmental Affairs Committee has been busy during 2023 monitoring bills that have been introduced in both the State Assembly and Senate. Life has returned to more of a normal operation within the halls of the Capitol, with offices being open for visits with the Members and their Staffs.
Adapting to Change: Evolution of Security

Jan 18 2024

Adapting to Change: Evolution of Security

Security solutions market has calmed post a COVID spike and the rapid growth rate of DIY security systems during the COVID lockdowns.
Three WISE Women: Meet the Women in Security

Jan 18 2024

Three WISE Women: Meet the Women in Security

Vanessa Castro’s career began with a non-profit providing assistance to the homeless. From here she entered the security industry as an alarm installer and has progressed to now Chief Operating Officer with Varitec. Recognized as an industry leader, her company now writes security plans for cannabis related businesses and is NICP certified. As a business owner, servant-based community leader, wife and mother, Vanessa has learned the art of successful multitasking and is honored by the organizations she touches.
What is a Reasonable Compensation for Owners of S Corp?

Jan 18 2024

What is a Reasonable Compensation for Owners of S Corp?

If you have read many of my columns over the years, you probably know that a “S Corporation” is the preferred entity for most alarm companies with a single, or few, individual shareholders. As you may already know, An S corporation is a type of corporation that passes its taxable income, credits, deductions, and losses directly to its shareholders. This means that the corporation itself is not taxed on its income, but instead, the shareholders are taxed on their share of the corporation’s income. The S corporation election is available only to small businesses with 100 or fewer shareholders, and is an alternative to the limited liability company (LLC)
Relational Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Their Importance to Your Livelihood in 2024

Jan 18 2024

Relational Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Their Importance to Your Livelihood in 2024

Over the past 44 years in this wonderful industry, you’ve heard me dwell on the importance of customer interaction and satisfaction. You simply can’t have one without the other. MacGuard has conducted numerous client satisfaction surveys for our clients, but some integrators have resisted conducting relational or annual surveys, called CSAT surveys.
Empowering Women in the Security Evolution

Jan 18 2024

WISE Words: Empowering Women in the Security Evolution

The electronic security sector is witnessing a significant shift towards inclusivity and gender equality based on the efforts of several leaders and industry groups across the nation. One of these groups is the fast-growing CAA based organization, Women In the Security Evolution “WISE”. The group is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and promoting women across all disciplines within the security industry and spectrum of professional roles.

Jan 18 2024

Why Self-Generated Lead Creation is Essential

One of the first lessons a new salesperson learns is that their sales pipeline must always be full. Anything less and there will be times of feast or famine; a roller coaster ride that stresses the salesperson as well as company management. To reliably reach and exceed sales goals and keep commission payments consistent, the sales pipeline must remain full month in and month out.
Dave Michel receives CAA Award

Jan 18 2024

Stepping into the Promising Horizon of 2024

As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, I am filled with optimism and gratitude. Reflecting back on our recent CAA Winter Conference at the Fairmont in San Francisco, I am reminded of the incredible energy, insightful information, and productive breakout sessions that marked the event. It was a gathering that not only educated but also inspired us all.

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