WISE Words: Empowering Women in the Security Evolution

Empowering Women in the Security Evolution
Cathy Rempel
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The electronic security sector is witnessing a significant shift towards inclusivity and gender equality based on the efforts of several leaders and industry groups across the nation. One of these groups is the fast-growing CAA based organization, Women In the Security Evolution “WISE”. The group is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and promoting women across all disciplines within the security industry and spectrum of professional roles.

WISE operates with a clear mission based on four cornerstones to enhance equality, visibility, accessibility and inclusivity for women within the electronic security industry while ensuring gender neutrality for all to join. In support of these four cornerstones, WISE focuses on mentorship, coaching, increasing participation at industry conventions, media presence and regular professional meetings to make a positive difference for women in the security industry. The group is a shining example of empowerment and progress in the evolving security industry. The groundbreaking inaugural launch of WISE at the CAA 2023 Winter Convention showcased the forward thinking of the association to inspire leadership and support WISE. Let’s dive into the recent accomplishments and activities of this dynamic group.

During the CAA 2023 Winter Convention in San Francisco, WISE was visible during key events and discussions including holding their founder’s meeting with a collective membership base of over 40 women and men. The participation from the WISE members went on to highlight the growing influence women are making in the industry from leading training sessions to being the panel for the executive symposium to delivering the keynote address. Significant influencers including Joey Rao-Russell, Kelly Bond, and Audrey Pierson led insightful discussions on industry directions. Industry leader Sue Saddler delivered the inspiring presentation on the direction and importance of women in the security industry as the keynote speaker, and legal counsel Lilianne Chaumont shared a touching invocation at the Weinstock Awards celebrating industry veteran and consistent CAA supporter, Dave Michel.

The convention underscored the increasing visibility and impact of women in security, with a vibrant platform for networking, strategizing, and discussing the future for women in security.

The engagement and enthusiasm of Cassie Whitlock, Angie Morgan, and Sylvia Jimenez ensured a seamless and productive meeting, marking another step forward in WISE’s journey. Alyson Pattie’s leadership in finance and Paige Meek’s role as the new executive director were, and are, pivotal in leadership for the CAA. These women, along with many others, are the driving force behind WISE’s initiatives, embodying the group’s mission and vision.

A notable aspect of WISE’s recent activities is the emphasis on inclusivity, particularly the involvement of male colleagues in supporting the advancement of women in the industry. Shout-out to the awesome men in support of the group including CAA President Sean Cooke, CAA Marketing Chair Dave Morgan, Legal Counsel Lessing Gold, CAA Associate Director Rich Whitlock, the several male members of WISE and the CAA board of directors.

The activities and focus of WISE are a testament to the group’s commitment to enhancing the role of women in the security industry. WISE is not just talking about change; they’re making it happen. As we look forward to more from this dynamic group, it’s clear that the future for women in security is brighter than ever thanks to the efforts of CAA’s WISE directions.

For additional information or membership on WISE, please contact CAA WISE Chair, Cathy
Rempel at crempel@americansecurity.us.