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Jun 11 2021

Bills & Budgets: Legislative Update

June marks the halfway point in the legislative calendar. By early June,  most bills must pass out of the house they were introduced in to keep moving. The only exceptions are urgency bills and constitutional amendments which must be passed on a 2/3 vote of the Legislature.

May 28 2021

Is Gov. Newsom Gaining in Popularity? Legislative Update…

Many of our updates in the last year have focused on the challenges Governor Newsom has been facing. It isn’t a stretch to say that he has held the office during the most challenging moment in history since World War II, and arguably ever.

May 28 2021


Here we are mid-2020 and finally things are coming back to life.  A new comfort level with being “out and about” is provided by vaccines and encouraging statistics of a declining pandemic.  Businesses, shops, stores, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, etc., are all coming back to life.
Solar Energy

May 28 2021

Dealer Perspective…#33

The last few articles have attempted to show the growing interaction between the security industry and the solar rooftop opportunity.  Solar rooftop (with batteries) within a mini-grid environment would likely have eliminated much of the damage from the “Texas freeze” a few months ago.  Texas has its own interconnecting grid that covers the entire state.  All of the interconnecting switches, valves and other components required a winter upgrade, which did not happen.  When a portion of the system froze, the entire grid went down and the state went into a deep freeze.
Legislation Update May 7th

May 14 2021

Legislative Update – May 14th

The big news in the California Capitol is the release of the Governor’s May Revision to the 2021-22 State Budget that he proposed to the Legislature in January. This revised budget document is supposed to reflect updated tax revenues and spending trends to better enable the Legislature to pass a balanced budget on June 15 for the fiscal year that will begin on July 1.

May 3 2021

Legislative Update April 30th

April 30 marked the first significant legislative deadline of the 2021 legislative session whereby bills had to pass out of policy committees in the house of origin before being considered by the fiscal committee. This session, consistent with recent years, we have seen a plethora of employment-related legislation that would impose various requirements on all California employers. With the pandemic, bills of this nature have increased, with legislators proposing expansion of leave offered to…

Apr 29 2021

Positive Reviews = Higher RMR for Alarm Companies

There is another new study that points to a direct correlation between customer reviews and revenues for the businesses who receive them. Conducted by a leading social analytics firm and the Paley Center for Media, this study measured exactly how much more people were willing to pay for products based on the reviews they had…

Apr 29 2021

Dealer Perspective…#32

Over the last few months, we have written about the growth prospects and necessity of rooftop solar especially here in California and the West.  Many pundits predict that the number of new solar homes will be approximately 30 million, with most of them in California.  The truth may be that the number might be larger…

Apr 29 2021

Taxes to Follow COVID

After a year of coping with COVID lockdowns and reduced revenues the potential increase in business and individual tax rates may be our next challenge.  President Biden has suggested raising federal rates on businesses and the wealthy to pay for his forthcoming infrastructure bill and programs to combat inequality and climate change. Under his proposed…

Apr 29 2021

Payroll Tax Pitfalls

Payroll taxes and withholding present a tempting source of working capital for a small business.  Payroll tax payments are easy to divert because there isn’t really an invoice (at first).  Payroll taxes and withholding are ‘voluntarily’ reported on IRS Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) and paid via direct deposit to the IRS.  The…

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