Meet the Women in Security

Women In the Security Resolution

This month we feature three women from the CAA’s Women In the Security Evolution,”WISE”. Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, Shannon Beritzhoff, and Sarah Wilson share a brief overview of their background and what they anticipate the future and impact for women in security will be.

Mindi Sue Sternbliz-Rubenstein

Mindi Sue is responsible for the strategic planning and marketing of Parks Associates’ emerging technology research and events. In addition, she oversees public relations, social media, analyst relations, and more. As a tenured executive and company-wide leader, she continuously supports all divisions of the company with her enthusiasm and strives to improve company efficiency, creativity, and cohesiveness. Mindi Sue has an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University.

A team that encompasses a variety of genders, backgrounds, and experiences is better equipped to understand and tackle intricate challenges within the security sector (and any industry). Encouraging more women to pursue careers in security expands the pool of skilled professionals and brings unique perspectives. A more inclusive security industry is likely to foster greater innovation and collaboration.

Shannon Beritzhoff

20 Under 40” honoree Shannon Beritzhoff, Account Manager with Safe and Sound Security, was born and raised in the Bay Area. While attending UC Berkeley, she embarked on her security career that has now spanned 15 years. Shannon enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of specific customers, like school districts, working with security manufacturers of existing or new technologies to integrate them and ensure each system and application is the perfect fit for the end-user. Her time working in the security alarm industry has evolved into a desire to keep people and places safe while creating a positive work environment filled with humor, volunteering and simply. . . hard work!

Shannon’s vision for women in security is multi-pronged but starts with representation. The industry needs more women in leadership, sales and technical positions to show our co-workers and customers that we have the expertise to guide them and the knowledge required to form more secure communities.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is currently the General Manager of Signal Service, a family-owned and operated alarm company. She serves as the President of the Sacramento Area Alarm Association, formally serving as Vice President. Sarah has actively participated in numerous advisory committees, working groups, and pilot programs, highlighting her dedication to advancing security industry standards and fostering innovation and collaboration. Beyond her professional achievements, Sarah has made significant contributions to education, serving as an elected school board member for six years and presiding as President for two years. Her commitment to both security and education reflects a passion for learning while driving progress in the security industry.

The future for women in the security industry is promising, with ongoing efforts to nurture inclusivity and diversity. Through targeted programs in recruitment, mentorship, and professional development, an increasing number of women are entering and advancing in the field. As women continue to break barriers and assume leadership roles, the security sector stands to gain a more versatile and adept workforce, ready to address evolving challenges and propel the security industry forward.