WISE Words: Empowering Women in the Security Evolution

WISE Words: Empowering Women in the Security Evolution

Women in the Security Evolution, “WISE”, is a CAA group focused on promoting women in the electronic security industry through increased visibility, inclusivity, resource support and equality. WISE currently meets monthly and is dedicated to preparing and planning the right way to create a solid foundation for all members.

The January 2024 WISE meeting covered several topics ranging from logistics through 2024 priorities. The group confirmed the purpose of WISE, as noted above, and identified the key focus areas as: (1) Membership; (2) Promotion of Women Into and Within the Industry; (3) Mentorship and; (4) Providing Platforms and Visibility for Women in the Security Industry.

So, what’s next for WISE? Expect to see industry changing outputs from the group in the four defined priority areas, the voice of WISE in various industry publications, including the CAA MIRROR, and the face of WISE across several social media platforms including the newly created LinkedIn page for WISE – Women in the Security Evolution which is now available to join. Please find us at: www.linkedin.com/groups/14378314/

The next two WISE group meetings will be held on Tuesday, February 20th and Tuesday, March 19th from 12pm to 1:00pm via Zoom and as many of the group members will be attending ISC West, so we will be looking to host a WISE meeting during this convention.

Why is WISE important to me?

Having women in technology, especially in the security industry, is vital to create a diverse workforce which brings different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. This leads to more comprehensive solutions and innovative strategies. Increasing the representation of women in technology fosters inclusivity and equality, creating a more welcoming environment for all professionals regardless of gender. Additionally, having women in leadership roles within our industry serves as a powerful example and inspiration for future generations of women in technology-based industries, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM fields and helping to close the gender gap in technology. As a graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Gender & Women’s Studies, I am honored to be part of the WISE group and to take my educational background, paired with over 15 years in security, and actively work to change the landscape of our industry.

About Shannon Bertizhoff

Shannon Bertizhoff is a member of EBAA, CAA, WISE and outstanding contributor in her account management role with Safe and Sound Security. Here Shannon has the unique opportunity to talk with clients at the beginning of their customer journey, carefully craft their new security landscape, and ensure a well-engineered solution will meet their specifications. She’s most excited about the work she gets to see first-hand and the enhancement of security for the people on site, the building and the valuables inside of it.

Safe and Sound Security was founded in 2009 and is a premier commercial security system installation company. Their Core Focus is simplifying security to empower their customers. Spanning the entire state of California, their team is dedicated to offering more than just safety – they deliver unmatched value to businesses, multi-family facilities, schools, and local governments, ensuring peace of mind across the Golden State.

For additional information or membership on WISE, please contact CAA WISE Chair, Cathy Rempel at crempel@ americansecurity.us.