17th Annual SAAA Police Forum Recap


Enhancing Public Safety

The Police forum provided a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge technologies, innovative strategies and regulatory measures int he field of video monitoring.

On March 13, 2024 Industry leaders, law enforcement, and regulatory entities gathered to discuss latest advancements in video monitoring and best practices for effective regulation. SAAA members engaged in a thoughtful roundtable discussion by Assistant Bureau Chief Sam Stodolski focusing on the enforcement of unlicensed businesses and the regulatory definition of monitored services.

In addition, Sergeant Matt Young discussed City of Sacramento Police Department’s Crime Prevention Through environmental Design and its success in crime prevention. By incorporating security measures, the initiative aims to create environments that are less conducive to crime.

Thank you to the following speakers:

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Assistant Chief Sam Stodolski


City of Sacramento Police Department

Sergeant Matt Young


Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response

ADT, Customer Monitoring Technology, Vice President

Thomas Nakatani


EyeForce, Remote Guarding Solutions

Danny Youngerman


Thank you to our sponsors:

Chaumont Law Inc.


Varitec Systems


Signal Service