Three WISE Women: Meet the Women in Security

Three WISE Women: Meet the Women in Security
Vanessa Castro, Tracy Larson, Alyson Pattie
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Vanessa Castro’s career began with a non-profit providing assistance to the homeless. From here she entered the security industry as an alarm installer and has progressed to now Chief Operating Officer with Varitec. Recognized as an industry leader, her company now writes security plans for cannabis related businesses and is NICP certified. As a business owner, servant-based community leader, wife and mother, Vanessa has learned the art of successful multitasking and is honored by the organizations she touches.

The future for women in the security industry is likely to see increased representation and opportunities with efforts to address gender diversity and the promotion of inclusivity gaining momentum. Inclusiveness for women and minorities in the security industry can lead to diverse perspectives, improved problem-solving and innovation. It may also contribute to a more comprehensive approach to security challenges.

The impact will establish a supportive workplace culture that values contributions from individuals of all backgrounds. This inclusivity will foster open communication, the implementation of fair policies and raise awareness on the benefits from including all skills and backgrounds without bias.

As president of WeSuite, the leading sales management software for security integrators, Tracy Larson also is a graduate of Cornell University. Career highlights include, VP Worldwide Real Estate & Facilities, Computer Associates; President, ITG Larson, Inc.; COO, Antar-Com, Inc.; VP Sales Operations & Key Accounts, Diebold ESS. Tracy strives to continually learn, accept new challenges, be an impactful team member and leader, and proactively give back. She is Co-Chair of Mission 500, a security industry charity, an instructor for the Security Industry Association project manager certification program, the 2021 SIA Sandy Jones Volunteer of the Year, a SIA TIME mentor, member of the SIA Women in Security Forum Steering Committee, and a SIA WISF Power 100.

Women embrace new challenges, change, and experiences. I am thrilled to know women in every role: project manager, technician, IT, sales, operations, ownership. The future for women is wide open! Opportunity spearheads growth, meaningful impact, and positive change. It is a powerful magnet for talent, ideas, and new solutions. Increasing the roles women fill, increases the value of the industry.

As part of the senior leadership team at BPSD, Alyson Pattie, CPA, works with small to mid-size companies in a wide range of industries, including the security industry. Alyson joined BPSD in September 2013 and in 2022 joined their partner group. Alyson is involved with the California Alarm Association, participating on the Board of Directors, and in industry seminars and workshops. Prior to joining BPSD, Alyson earned her CPA in 2012. She held several positions at National City Bank/PNC Bank, including Assistant Vice President where she was responsible for a deposit base of $94 million.

The future of women in security holds great potential for growth, empowerment, and increased diversity. With the increase in demand for skilled professionals, women will contribute to the solution through their talent and resources. Women can contribute to shaping the future of security by promoting the awareness about security as a career option for women and children in school to build the pipeline of talent. Encouraging women to enter security helps address shortages in labor by providing a broader talent pool.