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CAA News - March

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March CAA Membership News
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Sep 21 2022

DMP’s CellComEX Universal Communicator is the New “Express” Solution for Simple System Upgrades

DMP’s CellComEX Universal Communicator is the New “Express” Solution for Simple System Upgrades: In late August, DMP introduced the CellComEX Universal Communicator, its newest addition to the Com Series. With the CellComEX shipping in early September, DMP dealers can now take advantage of this product for takeovers as the 3G sunset rapidly approaches.

Sep 13 2022

ProSentry and AvantGuard Partner to Provide Cutting-Edge Leak Detection & Response Services

While water and gas leak detection are not new, most of today’s solutions are for single apartments or houses. Until now, no whole building solutions have been available. ProSentry offers a real-time, whole-building leak detection service designed for residential apartment buildings, townhouses, and commercial buildings. John Rusk, Founder of ProSentry, says, “if a water line breaks in the kitchen and the owner is unaware, the cleanup moves rapidly past a couple of towels and a mop to needing restorative construction on the home.” 

Sep 13 2022

The New 369 Area Code is Coming to the California 707 Area Code Region

 To ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers, the California Public Utilities Commission has approved an all-services overlay for the 707 area code region.

Sep 13 2022

Biden NLRB Rules Employers Cannot Limit Union Insignia Without Good Reason

In what has become an all too familiar practice of overruling and reinstating precedent based on the political party in control of the Executive Branch, last week, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or “Board”) reinstated the test that applies when analyzing whether an employer’s dress code or uniform policy interferes with employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  In Tesla Inc., 370 NLRB No. 131 (Aug. 29, 2022), at issue was an employer policy requiring employees to wear a designated uniform in its production facility and prohibiting employees from wearing any unauthorized clothing, including tee shirts with union insignia.

Sep 13 2022

Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection Joins the CAA from the SAAA Regional Chapter

Mr. Sprinkler’s goal is to create a drug free work place where people with a passion for our industry can work together and make a difference. Our business strategy is simple… to be the best through hard work, innovation and commitment. We reach beyond our builders, developing rewarding relationships and finding new and better ways to create value for our customers. Our personal positive approach guarantees well planned and executed projects.

Sep 8 2022

Tracking and Opposing Potentially Negative Ordinances Before the Burden Falls on Security Companies

SIAC Needs your support! We’re working every day to secure your business and bottom line. Alarm ordinances can vary greatly, we represent your interests by promoting the Model Alarm Ordinance which is fair and balanced.

Sep 8 2022

How to Prepare for the POTS Sunset

On August 2, 2022 the FCC issued Order 19-72A1, releasing phone companies from any legal obligation to provide POTS service. Now, fire & life safety providers are seeing immediate repercussions. With all the buzz around the 2022 3G sunsets, it's no wonder that security providers who rely on POTS lines are feeling less than prepared.

Sep 8 2022

Snap One Envisions a Future of Smarter Living Made Possible by Integration Partners

Snap One will return to CEDIA Expo 2022 with a broad range of new products and services for Partners, along with a renewed commitment to create significant new revenue-generating opportunities that help Partners build stronger businesses.

Aug 23 2022

Bosch Announces Upcoming “Technology Talk” Webinar Focusing on VSaas Cloud Service

Connect, analyze and visualize from anywhere with VSaaS by Bosch.  Unlock the benefits of cloud video surveillance for your customers with a secure, cost-effective, and future-proof solution from Bosch. VSaaS by Bosch enables users to monitor, manage, record, and replay video security footage directly in the cloud from anywhere.

Aug 23 2022

Remote Reboots Via OvrC Monitoring Platform Provide Priceless Peace of Mind to Family

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 16, 2022 – No matter how smart it is or thoughtfully and carefully designed and installed, home technology is bound to experience snafus. Rather than leave this to chance and risk relations with the Lucas family, a loyal client based in Tampa, Don Dunn and his team of home technology integrators at HavenSmart commissioned remote monitoring software to keep the house running smoothly at all times.

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