Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection Joins the CAA from the SAAA Regional Chapter


Mr. Sprinkler will continue to grow in a well planned and measured way. Always maintaining the personal level of service we now offer, while growing all departments in the company and expanding our market share without compromising quality.

We continue to offer a high level of value to our customers through our unique ability to interpret and represent the code. We have spent over 25 years establishing relationships with decision makers in our communities and will continue to influence the direction of the industry.

Mr. Sprinkler’s goal is to create a drug free work place where people with a passion for our industry can work together and make a difference. Our business strategy is simple… to be the best through hard work, innovation and commitment. We reach beyond our builders, developing rewarding relationships and finding new and better ways to create value for our customers. Our personal positive approach guarantees well planned and executed projects.


Our customers are Developers and Contractors who understand the value of using quality, reliable sub-contractors. These Developers and Contractors have established themselves in quality and reputation in the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. All of our customers share our commitment to providing high quality, competitively priced products to our community.


We are fabricators, fitters and designers plain and simple. But we are also King’s fans, skiers, mountain climbers, dog owners, volunteers and parents. We’re people who enjoy each other, our work and our families.

In other words, we’re a lot like you! What we are is more than a resume. We have experience, training and technical skills, but so do others. What set’s us apart is our enthusiasm, and belief that in order to earn the trust & respect of our customers we must focus more on outcome than income.