Snap One Launches Next-Gen WiFi 6 Wireless Access Points from Araknis and Access Networks


 CHARLOTTE, NC, September 20, 2022 – Snap One today announced the immediate availability of multiple new WiFi 6 wireless access points from Araknis and Access Networks that further enable Partners and customers to enjoy all the benefits of the latest WiFi technology and advanced remote system management. 

The introduction of Access Networks Unleashed Wireless Access Points, which took place in early August, follows the acquisition of the company by Snap One in 2021, while the new Araknis AN-820 WAP combines WiFi 6 with Snap One’s OvrC remote system management to simplify installation and long-term maintenance. The new WAPs are now available to Partners at or any of Snap One’s 30+ Local Partner Stores, and will be on display at CEDIA 2022 in Booth #16055. 

“Wireless networks are the backbone of every modern integration and automation project, and this new expansion gives Snap One Partners all the tools they need to deliver clients faster data speeds, improved connectivity and the surety of 24/7 system monitoring,” said Brian Holden, Snap One Senior Director of Product Management, Networking & RMM. “With time-saving features such as simplified setup interfaces and multi-WAP activation, plus the long-term savings and enhanced customer support enabled by OvrC remote management, these leading products deliver major value to both Partners and users.” 

Access Networks Unleashed Wireless Access Points 

The launch of Access Networks’ Unleashed line of enterprise-grade WAPs, made available to Partners earlier this month, allows Snap One Partners to outfit any project, residential or commercial, with a fast, reliable, self-healing wireless network. 

The range of Unleashed WAPs offer advanced capabilities include BeamFlex and BeamFlex+ technologies that dynamically direct WiFi signal to the most demanding devices and SmartMesh technology that uses an integrated WLAN controller to navigate around and mitigate signal interference for projects with sparse ethernet connections. 

Select Access Networks Unleashed WAP SKUs are currently available at with more coming soon. 

Araknis AN-820 Wireless Access Points 

Following the Access Networks launch, the new Araknis AN-820 WAP offers major benefits for Partners by combining the latest WiFi 6 technology with the advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities of the OvrC platform. It features a 4×4 antenna that provides more powerful connections for more devices and offers simpler multi-WAP installation and management through the OvrC interface. 

WiFi 6 provides a number of specific benefits including support for OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024 QAM and BSS Coloring to support higher network capacity and enhanced reliability. The AN-820 features a 

2.5Gbps LAN port-in and offers support for multi-gig jobs. Users also benefit from the inclusion of DFS (dynamic frequency selection) channel support, which increases the number of WIFI channels available. 

“Our devices and daily activities continually demand faster, more reliable wireless networks, and with the new Araknis AN-820 wireless access point, Snap One Partners and their clients can now enjoy the fastest possible speeds for more devices with the peace of mind offered by OvrC remote monitoring and management,” Holden said. “Additionally, we designed the AN-820 with the same slim profile and mounting bracket as the existing AN-810 model to ensure that installations and upgrades are as simple and painless as possible for Partners.” 

OvrC Integration 

The lightning-fast speeds of the AN-820 combine with unmatched, cloud-based OvrC remote management to deliver enhanced performance and convenience for Partners’ networking portfolios, including simplified setup through the OvrC UI that makes multi-WAP installations a breeze. “Using the OvrC mobile or web app can eliminate hours of manual setup time by providing cloud-based access to add or edit networks, manage SSIDs and set up channel and roaming settings,” Holden said. 

The new AN-820 Wireless Access Point also features more customizable configuration options for Partners, including: the ability to create new SSIDs with unique rules and conditions to control “Fast Roaming” per SSID, provide band steering per SSID when both radios share the same SSID, create simple guest networks, and configure VLANs per SSID for network isolation and more advanced guest network needs. 

The expansion of Snap One’s wireless networking product catalog follows the acquisition of Access Networks in 2021. 

For more information, visit Snap One in Booth #16055. 

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