Empowering Women In Security: A Glimpse into WISE’s Strategy

A Glimpse into WISE's Strategy

The electronic security industry has traditionally been male dominated, yet the Women in the Security Evolution (WISE) is carving out a space dedicated to advancing women within the industry. With a clear mission to promote visibility, inclusivity, and equality; WISE’s strategic initiatives and areas of focus are clearly outlined.

Strategic Gatherings

Scheduled meetings are strategic platforms for collaboration and innovation. WISE will meet amidst the bustling ISC West Conference in the Venetian/Sands Room #103 9am to 10am on Thursday April 11th, this meeting promises opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. Similarly, WISE will meet at CAA Palm Springs on Thursday May 16th at noon, lunch will be provided, and it will offer a conducive environment for discussing pressing issues and charting the course for progress. To attend either of these meetings, please contact Cathy Rempel at crempel@ ameicansecurity.us.

Focused Areas of Impact

At the heart of WISE’s effectiveness are its dedicated committees:

Membership, Promotion, Mentorship, and Visibility.

These committees serve as pillars for advancing WISE’s objectives, fostering collaboration, and driving impactful change within the industry.

Membership: The goal is to create a membership structure that fosters engagement and growth. The recent WISE website within CAA will provide the opportunity for anyone to join by filling out the intake form. Membership is not limited to gender or CAA membership. The purpose is to recruit diverse and committed individuals whose collective mission is to advocate for women in the security industry.

Promotion: WISE is committed to promoting women for any role within the security industry by fostering interest in the security industry, facilitating access to trade certifications, creating avenues for job seekers through a dedicated job board and outreach.

Mentorship: Recognizing the importance of mentorship, WISE aims to provide advice and guidance opportunities to support women in achieving their goals while nurturing a culture of collaboration within the industry.

Visibility: WISE understands the power of visibility in driving change. The recent launch of WISE’s LinkedIn page serves as a platform for amplifying women’s voices, providing opportunities for networking, and inviting guest speakers to share insights and expertise. Moreover, WISE is gearing up for enhanced visibility at ISC West through strategic marketing initiatives, such as stickers for name badges inviting inquiries about WISE, amplifying its presence in the industry. To pick up your ISC West WISE sticker go to the CAA booth!

Looking Ahead

WISE began as an idea and has grown to a concerted effort to drive meaningful change in the electronic security industry by empowering and advocating for women. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative endeavors, WISE is poised to create a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant industry for all.

For additional information or membership on WISE, please contact CAA WISE Chair, Cathy Rempel at crempel@americansecurity.us.

About Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson currently serves as the General Manager of Signal Service, a family-owned alarm company. Additionally, she holds the position of President at the Sacramento Area Alarm Association, having previously served as Vice President. With active involvement in various advisory committees, working groups, and pilot programs, Sarah demonstrates a commitment to advancing industry standards and promoting innovation. Prior to her role at Signal Service, she gained experience at the California State Department of Consumer Affairs, where she analyzed legislation, coordinated department-wide conferences, and led a Strategic Planning Unit.

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