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This month we feature three women from the CAA’s Women In the Security Evolution,”WISE”. Tatiana Abramek, Gianna Azbill, and Tauni Wallace share a brief overview of their background and what they anticipate the future and impact for women in security will be.


Tatiana Abramek

Senior Sales Executive

National Monitoring Center (NMC)

25 on the Rise honoree, Tatiana Abramek, is the Senior Sales Executive with National Monitoring Center. Having grown up at NMC for the last 16 years, Tatiana has held different roles within the company. In addition to bringing on new customers, Tatiana is responsible for being the Trusted Advisor to NMC’s clients. Whether that be educating on industry trends, new vertical markets and solutions to be considered, to succession plans for the future; as a Trusted Advisor, it is her passion to bring value to her dealer partners. Tatiana is currently Treasurer and Secretary of the Orange County Alarm Association (OCAA), an active member of the California Alarm Association and WISE, a member of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) Volunteer Membership Campaign, and participates in multiple local and state alarm associations nationwide.

Having been a witness to the growth in the number of women in the security industry thus far, Tatiana shares that she is excited to see this growth and inclusivity continue. Tatiana shares, “With more diversity comes fresh perspectives which will help us to continue to evolve as an industry.”

GiannaGianna Azbill

Executive Assistant

Varitec Systems

Gianna Azbill is currently an executive assistant at the family-owned and operated security integrations company, Varitec Systems. In addition to her role at Varitec Systems, she is the office manager of another one of her family’s businesses where she provides optimal customer service and collaboration. Gianna enjoys bringing her experience in social media content creation and digital information literacy to the security industry. She has been indirectly involved in the industry for as long as she can remember, including fond memories from her childhood where she was exposed to sales, installation, and service. Gianna is a true multitasker as she is also attending college part-time for Business Administration.

Gianna believes the future for women in the security industry will be one of diverse perspectives, promoting collaboration and more inclusive decision-making that extends far beyond individual companies to the industry as a whole. These impacts will be immense, attracting younger workers into the industry. In turn, this makes the industry more well-rounded for perspectives and increases innovation in an ever-changing technological world.

TauniTauni Wallace

Regional Sales Manager

Honeywell Fire Enterprise

Tauni Wallace’s career began in 1988 in distribution sales, she became a branch manager, developed an access, fire & security division, and was a manufacturer’s representative. Today Tauni works for Honeywell Fire Enterprise as the Regional Sales Manager for Northern California and Hawaii.

Tauni shares that when she first started in the industry it was dominated by males as branch managers, manufacturing representatives, business owners, and installers. Today as she looks at the industry there is a plethora of women that have started to fill these roles and more. She believes the future will continue to see a rise in women in all positions and believes that women in the security industry will have a significant impact. Tauni states, “The industry will continue to promote inclusivity, and diversity, and mentor a younger generation of women. We will cultivate our strength in critical thinking, organization, problem-solving and resiliency that will elevate all aspects of our industry. Our industry will benefit from our collaboration and advocacy for all which will bring in a diversity of talent, ideas, solutions, perspectives, and growth.”