Arvin Home Systems Joins the CAA From the GVAA Regional Chapter


For nearly 40 years, Arvin Home Systems has been providing quality products and services to homes and businesses in the Northern Central Valley, Bay Area, and the foothills. We are a family owned and operated business based in Manteca, California.

In 1976, Arvin Reed began installing central vacuums in homes in the greater Stockton/Modesto area. Many of these systems were installed in homes under construction, but most were “existing” homes. Arvin built a reputation of quality work, fair prices, and excellent customer service. He began expanding his product line to include whole house audio and intercom systems. Intercom systems at that time were door stations and room stations with a master unit in the kitchen, which included a radio and cassette deck. And whole house audio included flush mount speakers wired to a stereo system.

In 1988, Arvin received his alarm license and added security systems to his line of products. He adopted the DSC brand (Digital Security Controls) line pretty early on as an alarm manufacturer he could stand behind and trust. Around this time, Arvin’s son Joe joined the company full time. Arvin has often had workers or assistants, but his son Joe became more of a partner, with a vested interest in keeping the company going. During the 1990’s, more and more contractors began to have Arvin install these “low voltage” systems in their houses under construction. Tract home builders found that Arvin and his team could “pre-wire” and “pre-plumb” their homes for a low cost, giving their homes a distinct advantage by having them ready for alarm systems, speakers, and central vacuums.

Of course, this was an advantage for Arvin as well. Several communities in the Manteca, Stockton and Modesto area have homes that are “ready” for Arvin’s systems, where the homeowner can find a quality system at a lower price because their home was pre-wired for a security system or audio system or pre-plumbed for a central vacuum.

Also in the 1990’s, Arvin’s youngest son, Nathan, joined the team full time. With Joe and Nathan wiring houses, Arvin was able to spend more time on customer service. Like anything else, security systems and central vacuums need to be maintained. Alarm sensors can go bad, batteries need replacing, vacuum motors need service, etc. For Arvin, “word-of-mouth” referrals were a primary way of advertising. And poor customer service is a great way to not get referred. Customer service has always been our number one priority.

In 1999, Arvin expanded the business, incorporated, and changed the business name to Arvin Home Systems, Inc. His oldest son, Jim, also joined the company, and they moved to their current location in downtown Manteca. Several new installers were added to the team as more and more systems were installed in the big housing boom of the mid-2000’s. Arvin’s brother-in-law, Matt Rough joined the company as a business development manager in 2007.

We’ve since increased our focus on the latest technologies available in our systems. Our alarm systems are more Interactive, camera systems that can be viewed from a smart phone, whole house audio systems that are controlled by a tablet or phone, linked to the music in your pocket. We’re finding more and more creative ways to meet the needs of our customers. It’s a changing world with new technology, and we will always be here to meet those needs you may have.