Snap One’s Araknis Networks Upgrades High-Speed Networking from Curb to Customer with New OvrC-Enabled Multi-Gig Switches and VPN Routers


CHARLOTTE, NC, August 9, 2023 – Snap One Partners can now tackle the most demanding networking jobs following the launch of several new series of high-powered, OvrC-compatible Araknis switches and routers. These next-generation, commercial-grade switches and routers enable high-speed processes and communication and support advanced use cases such as building management systems, 4×4 WiFi 6 and high-bandwidth installations while ensuring Partners can complete jobs of any size or complexity.

“As ISP providers increasingly offer services at multi-gig speeds, the new Araknis high-speed switches and routers ensure that end clients can enjoy the fastest speeds currently available with enhanced security provided by our new high-speed VPN routers,” Mathias Bullmer, Senior Product Manager for Networking Routers & Switches at Snap One, said. “With cutting-edge features including the latest powerover-ethernet capabilities and Layer 3 functionality, these new switches support today’s most demanding networked media experiences and business needs.”

To fully support the latest technologies like 4×4 WiFi 6, the new Araknis 620 Series managed switches provide 8 or 24 RJ45 ports with 1/2.5Gbps capability, plus two 10Gbps SFP+ uplinks. In addition to full Layer 2 functionality such as MAC-based VLANs, link aggregation, QoS, IGMP Snooping, STP and LLDP, the 620 series also provides some Layer 3 functions including static IP routing. Each port supports the 802.3BT Type 3 PoE++ standard, providing up to 60W of power per port to enable new applications like PoE lighting, surveillance and network audio. The new Araknis 920 Series offers OvrC-compatible 12- and 24-port managed switches that provide RJ45 ports with 10Gbps connections and 90W Type 4 PoE++ capability.

Both the 12- and 24-port models also offer expansion modules to add one or two slots for 100Gbps QSFP28 uplinks respectively. The 920 Series provides Layer 3 functionality including interVLAN routing, static routing and multicast routing, plus typical Layer 2 features such as MoIPv3 required ACL’s, IGMP snooping & querier, MAC-based VLANs, link aggregation, QoS, STP and LLDP. The product launch also includes a supplementary power supply module that provides power redundancy and additional PoE power for demanding projects.

“These new network solutions are ideal for forward-thinking Partners and customers who recognize the importance of building infrastructure that will support future applications and media formats,” Bullmer added. “The added peace of mind and operational support offered by VPN security and professional OvrC management further increases the value for both clients and Partners, ensuring long-term satisfaction and operational excellence.”

For high-bandwidth installs, the new 220 Series Single-WAN VPN Router features 2.5Gbps speeds and support for basic VPN capabilities and advanced network functionality such as VLANs, QoS, and port forwarding. The core processor is improved from previous router models to support higher network activity. The router’s embedded firewall supports Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, and WAN Request Blocking. These layers of network security provide a secure platform to prevent common attacks and provide a baseline level of security for the network.

For larger projects requiring multi-gig support, the new 520 Series Dual-WAN VPN Router supports a full 2.5Gbps throughput with a 1Gbps secondary WAN for load balancing or link-failover applications. With an even faster processor, the 520 Series router enables higher network activity while enabling advanced VPN capabilities including site-to-site, VLANs, QoS, and port forwarding. The 520 series router supports IPSec, which can create a secure, fast, and reliable site-to-site connection — perfect for applications where two locations need to be part of the same network.

The Araknis 520 series router is an ideal choice for high-performance applications. Both the 220 and 520 Series feature the cloud-based OvrC platform, which can reduce manual set up time by providing cloud-based access to manage your network. Both offer OvrC Pro, a powerful suite of network management tools that extends visibility and access to the entire network of IP devices, including non-Snap One products, all within the same OvrC platform. OvrC Pro provides enhanced system health, troubleshooting capabilities, and diagnostic data that makes remote support easy, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls and enabling integrators to provide world-class service to their clients. For added efficiency, the new OvrC Connect app even empowers clients to resolve common issues on their own.