Snap One Releases Next Generation Solutions at CEDIA 2022


Snap One returned to CEDIA Expo 2022 with the debut of several innovative solutions across the control, audio, surveillance, and networking categories.

“We’re thrilled to have returned to CEDIA this year to introduce our latest innovations,” said Kordon Vaughn, VP Marketing at Snap One. “Our goal was to develop meaningful new ways to help our Partners grow their businesses, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce installation complexity. The new products that were on display resulted from listening to Partner pain points and developing creative solutions to do just that.”

Notable new product introductions, which were teased at a Virtual Product Premiere, included the Control4 Halo Remotes, Control4 Vibrant Lighting, Episode Radiance Audio & Lighting System, Luma x20 Surveillance, among others.

Control4 Halo Remotes

Snap One debuted its highly-anticipated new line of Control4 hand-held interfaces, the Halo Family of Remotes. The Halo line was designed using feedback from Snap One Partners and includes new features and upgraded technologies while expanding on the sleek aesthetic introduced with the coveted Neeo Remote.

The two new models – Halo and Halo Touch – include enhanced features like a color screen, new graphical interface, dual-band WiFi support, backlit buttons, and innovative new features like push-to-talk voice control. The Halo model features a 2.8-inch screen that is navigable with hard buttons and provides full access to connected devices, while the Halo Touch model features a premium brushed-aluminum chassis and makes every function available through an intuitive 3.2-inch customizable touchscreen.

Araknis AN-820 Wireless Access Point

The new Araknis AN-820 WAP combines WiFi 6 with Snap One’s OvrC remote system management to simplify installation and long-term maintenance. It offers major benefits for Partners by combining the latest WiFi 6 technology with the advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities of the OvrC platform. It features a 4×4 antenna that provides more powerful connections for more devices and offers simpler multi-WAP installation and management through the OvrC interface.

“Our mission is to bring together the best people, partners, and products to make lives more enjoyable, connected, and secure,” Vaughn concluded. “Our Partners are integral to that mission. Every day we think about how we can become the industry’s most valued and trusted partner. There’s no better place to have conversations with Partners, and debut new solutions, than CEDIA.”

Control4 Vibrant Lighting

The future of Control4 is brighter than ever with the introduction of Vibrant Linear Lighting, a new line of Control4 lighting that enables Partners to deliver personalized lighting experiences for any mood, activity or time of day.

Control4 Vibrant Linear Lighting provides Partners with a complete product line, offering LED tape in a full selection of white, tunable white, color, and color + tunable white options, and providing all the

accessories needed, to create sophisticated lighting experiences. Partners can design scenes that can be activated with the press of a button, a voice command, or through automation to provide a more immersive experience and enrich a customer’s lifestyle and well-being. The line also supports circadian health, a growing wellness concern; the lighting mimics nature with bright, cool light during the day that slowly dims and warms in the evening.

Episode Radiance Audio & Lighting System

The new Episode Radiance outdoor audio and lighting system is the world’s first outdoor system to power audio and lighting through a single two-conductor wire. Using patent-pending ACE technology from Swarm designed exclusively for Snap One, the Episode Radiance series includes a robust all-metal 70-volt outdoor bollard-style speaker and LED light module that can be attached to a speaker or mounted as a standalone lamp for both spot and flood lighting needs.

The Episode Radiance series enables Snap One Partners who focus on either audio or lighting to broaden their offerings with a unique, attractive solution that is durable, easy to install, and not available anywhere else.

About Snap One

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