Security Funding Associates Partners to Create New Dealer Program Focused on the Small-Medium Smart Home Market

Security Funding Associates

Security Funding Associates, Audrey Pierson, and Aabo Home Security announced they have created a new version of the dealer program focused on the small, medium-sized “Smart Home” market.

“We will be investing in each partner company, who will have approximately 5-50 employees, and are selling into the residential and small commercial space”, said SFA’s Tony Smith. Smith added that “ we will create significant volume by focusing on training sales associates via Audrey Pierson, one of the leading sales trainers in our industry. Through Aabo Home, we will provide full management of created accounts, including nationwide monitoring, through the life of the monitoring contract.”

Unlike other Dealer Programs, the program will not acquire 100% ownership of the contract, but share ownership and financial equity with our partner dealer on an approximate 50-50 basis. Financing of installations will be through several banks who have committed to this program and its low attrition operating plan. This process will create cash flow for the Partner Dealers that is substantially more than they might receive through traditional Dealer Programs. There will be no dealer holdbacks, and there is a guarantee only for the first year of the contract.

Dealers in this space have difficulty creating the working capital they need to grow and accumulate equity. Too often, they must resort to selling their accounts on a monthly basis to fund that growth. Now they have a new option that allows them to fund that equity growth, have the customer pay back the bank loan, minimize attrition and eventually retire with their financial future assured. This program has been in business for over two years, without attrition, and is now ready to roll it out nationally.

For further information please call Tony Smith at (626) 795-9199 or Audrey Pierson at (831) 277-7447.