Remote Reboots Via OvrC Monitoring Platform Provide Priceless Peace of Mind to Family


CHARLOTTE, NC, August 16, 2022 – No matter how smart it is or thoughtfully and carefully designed and installed, home technology is bound to experience snafus. Rather than leave this to chance and risk relations with the Lucas family, a loyal client based in Tampa, Don Dunn and his team of home technology integrators at HavenSmart commissioned remote monitoring software to keep the house running smoothly at all times.

Built into the home’s Araknis Internet router, the OvrC software watches diligently for any problems with products on the home network. If something happens, HavenSmart knows immediately. Their indication: a green dot on a computerized map representing the client’s home turns red. From this map, OvrC permits access to every electronic component on the home network where a HavenSmart technician can quickly identify the culprit.