CAFAA Announces New Program: The Bill Hopple Educational Scholarship Award


Willian (Bill) Hopple has been in the Fire Alarm industry for over 50 years and has played an integral role in the CAFAA organization, guiding it with a focus on education.

His legacy stems from his devotion to the educational aspects of Fire Technology and to his commitment to the industry and its people.

Many of its current leaders attended classes either developed and/or taught by Bill. Others have reached out to him for problem-solving assistance – to which Bill never turned away those in need of his help. He took the opportunity to make his answers into a teaching moment.

To Bill, ‘knowledge was/is power’; he helped to guide people around him to be more powerful by teaching wherever and whenever possible.

CAFAA re-names its scholarship ‘THE BILL HOPPLE EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP’ with the goal to continue to assist those who are driven to pursue their educational goals so that they too, may one day create their own legacy.

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Are you a dependent of a CAFAA member and graduating from a California high school in 2023?

Or, are you already enrolled/accepted and tailoring your higher education goals towards the Fire Service?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, you could qualify for The Bill Hopple Educational Scholarship award!

This is a scholarship in the amount of $3,000.00 that will be awarded to the best candidate, either being a CAFAA member dependent, or anyone that is enrolled/accepted to a higher education program emphasizing Fire/Life-Safety or related fields.

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2023 KEY DATES for The Bill Hopple Educational Scholarship

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February 01, 2023: CAFAA begins accepting Scholarship Applications and supporting documents

April 30, 2023: Final Date for CAFAA acceptance of Scholarship Applications and supporting documents

June, 2023: CAFAA will announce the 2023 recipient at its June General Meeting