Snap One Doubles Down on Investments in Cloud as OvrC Becomes Operationally Essential for Partner

Snap One today announced it is accelerating investments in its cloud infrastructure to provide greater value, efficiency and operational reliability for Partners and their clients.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, June 21, 2023 – Snap One today announced it is accelerating investments in its cloud infrastructure to provide greater value, efficiency and operational reliability for Partners and their clients. By enhancing the speed and consistency of its remote access solutions, including OvrC servers, Snap One aims to help Partners scale their businesses by streamlining day-to-day operations and simplifying installation, configuration and long-term client care.

“Snap One’s cloud services are better than ever, and we’re not finished,” said Kenny Kim, VP of Product Management for Platforms & Services at Snap One. “We’re committed to constant improvement and to OvrC becoming the most useful and operationally valuable tool for integrators. The reliability, scalability and security of our platforms and backend infrastructure are essential to creating premium customer experiences and supporting an integrator’s growth and reputation. Snap One takes that responsibility very seriously and we are investing a lot of time, people power and money to ensure our Partners can count on us.”

Partners and users benefit from consistent development of new features that improve connection reliability and scalability, with recent cloud investments targeting load-balancing and multi-cloud architectures to offer heightened global resiliency and reduce the impact of connection outages. Internal improvements to platform monitoring and event logging are being leveraged to more quickly identify issues and enhance future responses, while automated testing flags any bugs so they can be patched before impacting Partners.

Snap One’s cloud servers already help tens of thousands of users connect to and manage millions of devices all over the world through OvrC, offering peace of mind and enhanced services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Following growth in the platform’s user base and recognition of its deepening status as an essential business tool, Snap One is more committed than ever to delivering world-class performance and future advancements that ensure continuously improved experiences and benefits for all users and stakeholders.

“What began as a remote monitoring tool is now a central platform that streamlines operations and provides installation and configuration efficiencies in addition to its core remote management functionality,” said Evan Marty, Director of Product Management for OvrC at Snap One. “And it’s only going to get better as Snap One accelerates the development of new features to improve the Partner experience. OvrC will continue to evolve based on Partner needs with the goal of optimizing operations to enhance Partners’ capabilities, business efficiency, customer support and profitability.”

The company’s infrastructure enhancements focusing on speed and reliability have already improved performance for Control4 Partners and users, with recent upgrades delivering 40% faster connections between the Control4 App and OvrC servers and reducing latency for Alexa and Google Voice interactions.

For security, Snap One has invested in leading Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), improved backup and disaster recovery solutions and advanced training on secure coding, all while ensuring all improvements are scalable into the future. Real-time alerts and periodic security assessments by third-party experts and internal white hat hackers ensure nothing is missed, while the company’s cybersecurity team expands.

“Snap One strives to be the most trusted company in our industry,” said Alex Mann, Snap One SVP of Engineering for Cloud, Data Science, Cybersecurity. “We believe a kilobyte of prevention is worth a terabyte of cure when it comes to improving reliability, scalability and security. When something goes wrong, it should have as little an impact and duration as possible. That’s why we’re continuing to invest heavily in cloud advancements and always seeking to improve processes.“

The OvrC platform offers a cornucopia of Partner benefits including WiFi site management and configuration, remote troubleshooting tools and automatic self-healing capabilities, remote monitoring with push alerts, simple configuration for Araknis, Binary MoIP, WattBox and Luma products, network configuration and management, and remote firmware and software updates including Control4 OS. The system has also evolved to improve vital customer relations processes including internal data sharing for client contacts and rapid access to linked project resources and documents.

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