Cultivating A Disruptor Mindset in the Security Industry

Brian Plant

You hear it all the time — how this or that business, person or technology is a disruptor. It sounds great, but what does it really mean? Disruptors change the way something is done in a given area of industry, but on a smaller scale, a disruptor can be someone or a business that shake up how things are done in their own area or local. Change is integral to business development, however, if done right you can disrupt the established order in your area. And that is the key to a successful security business.

That Means You

Most people think that being a disruptor is only for the big business, or something surrounding technology. You and your business, in any city, can leverage the disruptor mindset and disrupt the industry in a way that equals success. But you need to get passionate about it. Motivations change and fade. But being someone that changes things around you means having a “mission-critical” mindset.

Solve a Problem

One of the essential elements of becoming a disruptor is spotting a problem for the consumer and solving it in a big way. It can be points of confusion, annoyance, or roadblocks such as accessibility, applicability, and affordability. Look at barriers from a customer’s perspective and then find the best solutions possible.

Don’t Rely on Perfect Timing

Don’t rely on perfect timing. Instead, perfect your timing. Watch the industry and see what is coming ahead. Find out how those changes will impact your customers and work to meet those needs now.

Look For Markets Being Ill-Served

You have probably found yourself wondering why a particularly big business or industry doesn’t better utilize access control or other security technologies more effectively. Instead of wondering, find out why. Chances are they are under-informed and being ill-served. Step in and fill the gap.

Become Visible

A disrupter is anything but quiet and meek. Get your marketing and promotion on and show everyone what you are about. Share your passion with an enthusiasm that can’t help but be contagious. When others see your passion, they know you are passionate about hitting targets and are willing to go the distance for them.

Look at Your Business Critically

Having ambition is not enough for becoming a disruptor. You have to look at your business with a painfully honest microscope. Where are you holding back that you shouldn’t? What aspects are you trying to do but would be better done by someone else? What processes can you change to forge a new way of doing business that will turn everything on its head?

Brian is the Managing Director of Ignite Marketing Group. He has been featured in SDM Magazine, Security Sales & Integration Magazine and other industry publications. Ignite is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry.