About The CAA

Promoting the Growth & Professionalism of the Security Industry In California & Nationwide

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Key Programs of The Association

CAA Youth Scholarship program


Every year, the CAA awards $25,000 for college to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel across the state California. 

George A. Weinstock Award


Once per year, we present the George A. Weinstock Lifetime Achievement Award at the CAA Winter Convention. It is the highest honor to be bestowed by the Association.

Mark Schubert Memorial Award

Pictured, left to right: Sam Aviles, Michael Schubert, <br>Tim Tracy and CAA President  Tim Westphal.

The CAA Mark Schubert Memorial Award was established to honor the memory of Mark Schubert who was active in the industry for 20 years.



The CAA utilizes membership dues and proceeds from the CAA Tribute Award Program to retain a full time legislative advocate in Sacramento to represent our industry to legislators and regulators and to promote public safety through effective alarm management. The CAA PAC Fund is supported by companies making additional financial contributions to allow us to promote our message and strengthen our voice in the political arena.

Apprenticeship & Training


This joint effort with California Automatic Fire Alarm Association has established a state-approved apprenticeship program for Fire/Life Safety Technicians. The two-year effort relied on volunteer leadership and funding for development costs from companies and associations.

CAA Conventions


The CAA Summer and Winter Conventions bring together the industry and the leadership of the Associations to develop programs, promote professional development and serve as a networking and educational forum. The costs, only partially covered by registration fees, are offset with additional sponsorship from Associate and Regular Members.

Legal Defense Fund

  • The CAA membership dues allow us to retain ongoing legal counsel to guide the Association and address the issues facing our industry. As special circumstances arise, there is a need for additional financial support for legal services and public affairs counsel. Whether it is anti-business regulations or policies that will have a negative impact on public safety, the CAA Legal Fund allows the association to be a positive advocate for our members and the industry.

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