TMA Announces their AVS-01 2023 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard

The Monitoring Association

TMA-AVS-01 provides a standardized method of creating an alarm scoring or classification metric for unauthorized human activity detected by alarm systems that will assist law enforcement with resource allocation and Call for Service prioritization.

It establishes standardized methods for calculating an alarm score, or classification level, that results in a repeatable metric that estimates the validity or potential threat level of a burglar alarm activation using historical and real-time data.

Once completed and implemented, calls for Service to Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs)/Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) will include a standardized scoring metric that will assist public safety departments with their alarm response policies.

Alarm Levels:

  • Alarm Level 0 – No Call for Service
  • Alarm Level 1 – Call for Service with limited to no additional information
  • Alarm Level 2 – Call for Service with confirmed or ‘highly probable’ human presence with unknown intent
  • Alarm Level 3 – Call for Service with confirmed threat to property
  • Alarm Level 4 – Call for Service with confirmed threat to life

ANSI/TMA AVS-01 2023 Alarm Validation Scoring (AVS) Standard Download

Download Appendix Files

Public Safety Engagement

Stakeholders from across the public safety community, to include law enforcement and Emergency Communications Center professionals participated in the creation of the TMA-AVS-01 standard.

This standard provides for enhanced:

  • Officer Safety – Prearrival Info
  • Situational Awareness – Ongoing Updates
  • Response Intel – Verified and Validated
  • Response Logistics
  • Apprehension Potential

 Informational Webinar

Hear direct from TMA-AVS-01 standards committee leadership to get a full understanding of the  TMA-AVS-01 2023 standard by viewing an informational webinar, which was presented in May 2022.