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For the past two weeks we have been operating under conditions that no one would have imaged at the time of our Winter Meeting last December in San Francisco. Not since 1918/1919 has the world and the United States been under attack by a invisible operator. Over one-hundred years ago it was the Spanish Flu.  In 2020 it is COVID-19.

Several terms are now being used that were not part of our general vocabulary just a few short weeks ago, “essential business” and “essential worker.”  On Thursday, March 19th, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-33.20.  A link to this Order is provided on this web page. Within the Order, Guidance of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce as promulgated by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is referenced as a means to identify essential businesses and workers within California.  The first two version (1.0, 1.1) had no direct reference to our industry.

Version 2.0, which was released on March 28, 2020 directly identifies our industry and our valuable workers as being essential.

Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Other First Responders (page 6):

Workers – including contracted vendors – who maintain, manufacture, or supply equipment and services supporting law enforcement emergency service and response operations (to include electronic security and life safety security personnel).

Communications and Information Technology (page 11):

Workers providing electronic security, fire, monitoring and life safety services, and to ensure physical security, cleanliness and safety of facilities and personnel, including temporary licensing waivers for security personnel to work in other States or Municipalities.

A link to the Version 2.0 document is also provided on this web page.

Since the beginning of the Shelter in Place Orders, first issued by a number of states and then for all of California, the California Alarm Association along with industry organizations such as TMA, SIA and ESA have been working to have our industry recognized as being essential. Our industry of course has always known this. By working together, we have been able to have others recognize our industry as being essential as well. This will hopefully curtail some issues that some of our members have been having while working to provide our industry services.

Keep Safe,

Tim Westphal|
California Alarm Association

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